In today’s global environment and marketplace, business intelligence and risk mitigation management are critical to protect ones business opportunities, assets and employees. GLOBAL INTEL STRATEGIES and its international network of associates from the law-enforcement, intelligence, military, business and legal communities can address those specific needs.

Trustworthy, vetted business intelligence is critical in today’s global environment. Whether you’re looking to open up new markets, establish global partnerships or looking to invest globally, our team of professionals can provide strategic intelligence guiding your next move. Our veteran team of associates has conducted global collection and strategic operations for clients both large and small.

Proper due diligence will allow you to know your clients, vendors, investors and potential business partners. The world has changed significantly in recent years due to increased global security concerns and changes in Federal law commensurate with these concerns. These changes have created a more complicated global business environment. As businesses today operate in the global milieu, it is imperative they are aware and ever mindful of changes in the laws that govern international business practices, particularly, the U.S. PATRIOT ACT, the SARBANES-OXLEY ACT, the FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT (FCPA), and the U.S. BANK SECRECY ACT.




Government relations on foreign soil can be complex and full of challenges for the inexperienced. In today’s world of rapidly evolving technology, resource transfers, wealth shifts, satellite communications, and democratic upheavals, U.S. business needs to be fully prepared to compete in the global marketplace. Globalization has created a more interrelated world than ever before in history and that phenomenon will increase exponentially in the years to come. International trade is more complicated than domestic commerce. Conditions of competition abroad often seem unfair and unfamiliar to American business people and local laws, customs and protocol may be alien to those looking to expand their reach into overseas markets.

Our international team experts can prevent a foreign government from legislating against a company, nationalizing its property or ordering its removal, through a combination of marketing tactics, diplomacy, troubleshooting and government relations.

Our international team experts can prevent a foreign government from legislating against a company, nationalizing its property or ordering its removal, through a combination of marketing tactics, diplomacy, troubleshooting and government relations.



Our diverse team of professionals with decades of global experience in both the intelligence and operational side of counter-terrorism measures and tactics can provide a wide range of training modules for a variety of target audiences including local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies, security personnel, analysts, academicians and corporate security professionals. Our training modules address a wide range of needs and issues to assess, investigate and mitigate the threat of terrorism and its potential impact on local or national security as well as corporate physical security.

Please contact us directly for more specific information on how our team of professionals, who have trained and been trained by the world’s elite counter-terrorism teams, can address your agencies or companies specific needs.

*Seminars: "Looking for a Speaker for your next Corporate Seminar, Conference or Business meeting?" ​ James G. Conway, President and Managing Director of Global Intel Strategies, Inc. provides dynamic and informative presentations to corporate, business or conference groups on a number of security-related issues such as travel security, cyber-crime, identity theft and corporate crisis/critical incident management. He is a dynamic and passionate speaker with a vast knowledge base that reflects his nearly 40 years in the law-enforcement and intelligence community, 25 of those years as a FBI, Special Agent and a U.S. Diplomat who has traveled and worked in more than 60 countries around the world. Today, he is also seen and heard as a frequent analyst and commentator on media outlets around the world as an expert on national security, terrorism and criminal issues. Today, Mr. Conway continues working with our partner nations around the world, teaching, training and consulting with intelligence and security forces, identifying their national security issues and needs while developing and implementing counter-terrorism, investigative and prosecutorial strategies.



Our team of professionals can provide print and electronic media with analysis and commentary on global issues related to national security, terrorism, organized crime, and border/immigration issues. With a daily review and analyses of global issues and intelligence, our team maintains cutting edge and up to date background on these issues. Our viewpoint is not one of an academic or political perspective but that of hands-on professionals with direct experience who have conducted global security operations in each of the aforementioned genres.

Our team has been quoted by both local and national media outlets such as ABC-TV, MSNBC, NEWSMAX TV. CBS radio, the Dallas Morning News, the San Antonio Express, NEWSMAX magazine as well as numerous professional journals that publish on national security matters.



Each day the world’s headlines are filled with companies dealing with one crisis or another. Some crises are self-imposed. In others, the companies are the unfortunate victims of a crime, sabotage or an accident. Some companies, like Johnson and Johnson, responded well to their Tylenol crisis and others, like Exxon and the Valdez incident don’t fare so well. Crisis communication and Issues management is really “reputation” management. The inability and know-how to deal with a corporate crisis quickly, effectively and professionally can mean not only significant “brand” damage but devastating losses in revenues, the faith of stockholders and potential exposure to liability and tort actions brought about by plaintiff attorneys.

Having the right team on your side is critical in the face of a corporate crisis. Our team of Crisis Communication professionals can teach, train and/or work directly with your management team to be proactive, anticipate crises and with a sudden phone call or text message, deploy and activate all the necessary resources to minimize the damage and get your “corporate ship” back on course.

Our team will work with all the requisite components to address and mitigate the situation where appropriate; public safety personnel such as police and fire departments; the media; local, state and federal government and regulatory entities, as well as individual departments within your corporate structure such as executive, legal, security and supporting entities to devise an “plan of action”. Your plan will include identifying potential risks, weaknesses and crises beforehand. We will provide a “template” or plan of action based on your specific corporate vulnerabilities as well as a post-crisis evaluation to assess what occurred and how to better address and prevent similar experiences in the future.



The success or failure of legal proceedings, be they formal litigation, arbitration or trial in state or federal court, depends directly on preparation, analysis and support beforehand. Our team of professionals can provide that critical investigative and analytical support and assistance. Investigative assistance could come in the form of evidence analysis, witness location and interviews, surveillance, polygraph examinations, or document examination.


Computer forensic analysis or “e-discovery” is cutting edge today for companies large and small to protect their trade secrets. The theft of Intellectual Property to include business plans, marketing materials, customer and vendor lists by hackers or disgruntled employees can be devastating to the economic viability of a company.

Our team of computer forensic investigators can drill down and determine if there has been a compromise in the integrity of your cyber-system. In all cases of evidence findings and analysis, those investigative findings can be supported by the appropriate testimony of one of our expert witnesses.



Measures to counter fraud, corruption, money-laundering, terrorist financing and to maintain corporate transparency, a company’s reputation and the integrity of its executives are continually at stake in a global business world filled with ever changing risks and dynamics. Our team of professionals can provide consultation, expertise and investigations where necessary to detect, resolve and mitigate these 21st century corporate risks.

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Even companies staffed with in-house security personnel can benefit from an outsourced, second analysis of a company’s potential risks and vulnerabilities. The documentation of a full and professional review of your security “blanket” can be an “insurance policy” and prove to be an invaluable asset in a possible lawsuit brought about by victims as a result of a security problem deemed to be the fault of your company. In today’s litigious world, an accident, crime, product sabotage, or workplace violence can cause your company to be the target of a plaintiff suit.




Our global team of Executive Protection professionals provide discreet and professional protection to top executives and their families while traveling on business or vacation/holiday in various locations in the world. Our teams are highly trained and have had prior career experience in the personal protection of high-level government officials and heads of state. Our teams always coordinate with U.S. and vetted, trusted in-country officials beforehand to gather the latest and requisite threat intelligence to mitigate any unforeseen security issues.

We have extensive crisis incident response experience and work with our global affiliated networks to mitigate and safely resolve any crisis should one arise. Our teams specialize in troubled areas of the world such as Mexico and Latin-America, the Middle-East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition, we are also prepared to train your in-house corporate security team in the most sophisticated, tried and true methods and tactics of Executive Protection.